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Licensed West Virginia Home Inspector (License# HI9510707-1217).

Marshall University Master's of Science graduate with over 12 year's experience performing environment, transportation and occupational safety & health compliance inspections.

Veteran with over 14 year's experience inspecting and maintaining U.S. Air Force aircraft.

Completed 80-hour industry leading American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) course.

Services Offered

Home Inspections for the Mountain State

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Pre-Inspection Tips

Excessive clutter

Should be removed to ensure a thorough inspection.

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Water valves

Make sure all water valves are turned on, especially the main water valve.

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Electrical circuit breakers

Make sure all electrical circuit breakers are turned on, especially the main breaker.

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All Armed Services Veterans of the United States, along with EMS, Fire & Police personnel receive a 10% discount with A Grand View Home Inspections.
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